$750 & Up 50% Deposit Required 6 - 8 Weeks




 Remove Surface Grease/Grime Build Up
Clean or Replace Burner Feeding Pilot Lines
Clean and Unclog Burner Heads and Simmers
Black Surface Areas Painted with High Heat Resistant Plant Where Needed


 Clean and Lubricate Valves + Thermostat(s)
Calibrate Oven(s) Temperature
Re-insulate Oven/Broiler/Storage Doors
Verify All Light, Outlets, and Plugs are Working
* Clocks Can Be Rebuilt for Additional Charge *
Check Safety System
Ensure Safety Vales are Operating Properly
Check for Gas Line Leaks
Clean/Unclog Pilot Heads
Check Pilot Generator "Fallout" Time




We Will Make Suggestions for the Restoration of Your Stove
Replacement Parts can be Provided at an Additional Costs
Cosmetic Chrome or Porcelain can be Provided at an Additional Cost
Pick-Up and Delivery of Your Stove is Avaliable
Loaner Stoves Are Avaliable While Your Stove is Being Restored


*Cleaning and Servicing Turnaround Time is Dependent upon Current Workload Order*